Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Men and a Plano

After years of scouring Craigslist and yard sales with no luck...we finally have a Piano!!!! (or as my son says a " plano")
I believe that music is one of the most important things in our lives. I feel it's right up there with learning to read and write and count your fingers and toes to get (hopefully) to 20. I also feel that if it's not introduced at an early age you run the risk of not being able to really pick it up at all (like my husband, no rhythm). So even though I haven't really played any instrument, other than the radio in over 10 years I felt the strong desire to have my children learn to I did. (a hundred years ago)

So, when my friend Rachel asked if we wanted an old piano....for free, my immediate answer was "YES!". I didn't care that it needed tuned, some of the key possibly replaced and maybe some other cosmetic touch ups.....because it was Free! But then I figured, I should ask Ryan first...because communication is good in this sort of thing. And I'm sure I talked to him about it in passing, but then we sort of forgot about it. That is, until Rachel called again and convinced me that Now is a good time to take it off her hands.

We arranged to have my husband, her husband (who is our Home teacher) and our other home teacher bring it from their house to ours...I figured it would be three guys lifting it on to a trailer and then lifting it off and putting it in place...apparently I was wrong!
This operation (and it was an operation) needed ramps to be constructed. Along with a plan...something they realized after they got it out of Rachel's house....
The first think I hear is "I'll get the other pieces out after we get the whole thing in." *Um What?!*
I guess there was a ramp malfunction getting it out of the house.
So when they arrived here, they proceeded to construct a ramp that would make any disabled person cringe with fear...

They literally screwed the boards together and placed 2X4s underneath for support....but hey, it worked (sorry, I haven't figured out how to rotate the pic)

Once they were sure that it wasn't going to break(unlike the last one), by using the scientific method of jumping up and down on it,  they proceeded to bring it in.
I think the best part of the whole thing was watching my son try to direct them and instruct where to put it. (it was about his time my camera batteries died) But believe me, it was cute.

So, they got it in and were all but pulling straws to see who was going to pull the dolly out from under I did it...Phh,wimps.
Then I went on the hunt for more batteries...These things must be documented!

Now we have the task of trying to rearrange our entire house to figure out exactly were it belongs. Because this thing is Huge! But my kids are already in love with you can see here...

And now I will leave you with a little treat...I have a feeling I will be  honored with (subjected to)  something like this every day.

Oh dear....What was I thinking?! I wonder if the lock over the keys works?

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