Monday, April 8, 2013

Bacon Cheese Smores Sandwich...Yes, I went there!

So tonight for family night we gave into my son's pleading and had a campfire.
After roasting hot dogs for dinner, dessert was followed with what else? Smores.
You know what a smore is right? Graham Cracker, Chocolate and Marshmallows all gooied into one. MMM Mmmmm....

This recipe came about when I tried to give my 4 year old daughter her roasted marshmallow and she refused to eat it....with or with out chocolate and graham crackers. (Yes, my children are weird) The conversation when like this...

Daughter: (after licking the end of the roasted marshmallow) I don't like it...
Me: Yes you do!
Daughter: No I don't!
Me: How about if I put it between graham crackers. You love graham crackers.
Daughter agrees to crackers with a nod of the head. I put marshmallow between said crackers and hand it to her....she gives it back.
Me: Do you want me to put some chocolate with it?
Daughter: No, I want Cheese on it.
Me: Huh?!
Daughter: I want Cheese on it!!!
Me: You want me to put Cheese with your Marshmallow and crackers?
Daughter: Yeah
Me: Do you want it heated up in the Microwave?
Daughter: Yeah!!
Me:....... um, Okay.
So I sliced a piece of cheddar cheese and sandwiched it between the marshmallow and crackers. Then I put it in the microwave for 20 seconds.I handed it to my daughter.
Me: Is this what you wanted?
Daughter: Yes...(takes a small bite)....I don't like it... I just want melted cheese....

And so that bit of fun went on for a while until the right bargain was struck,and she ended up with just a plate of melted cheese. But in the mean time, I took a bite of what I'm going to assume by now half of you are quite grossed out over and have stopped reading while the other half of you are still sort of intrigued and hanging in there...

Honestly, it wasn't that bad!! In fact. If I wasn't already full from dinner, I probably would have finished it off, if only out of my motherly obligation to eat what my children leave on their plates. (All you moms know what I'm talking about)

So that's how the major concept of this sandwich came to be...

The other half happened immediately afterward when I jumped on my computer and saw that the Tillamook Cheese company was holding a contest for Grilled Cheese sandwiches. This had to be fate! And I figured "Eh, why not?" From there I decided that to make this already interesting if not unique combination even more spectacular. I would add the two things that make life all better...Bacon and Chocolate.
That's when it all came together to become this:

Sandwich name: BCS Sandwich (Bacon Cheese Smore Sandwich)
Yields: 1 Sandwich


1 Sheet of Graham Cracker cut in half/ hamburger style (Can substitute two slices of Sweet White or Whole Wheat bread)
1 Giant Marshmallow (can substitute 2 normal/smaller marshmallows or Marshmallow Fluff depending on your cooking method)
2-3 sections Plain Hershey's chocolate bar (or chocolate of your choice)
1 slice Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese
1 piece Bacon, cooked until crisp, cut in half (optional)
1TBS Butter (only if using bread instead of Crackers)
Aluminum Foil (only if baking in Oven)

Depending on how you choose to cook your sandwich will determine how it is assembled.

Campfire assembly: On top of one half of your Graham Cracker, place Chocolate pieces and cooked Bacon. Roast Giant Marshmallow over fire until golden brown and melted on the inside. Place hot Marshmallow on top of the Bacon and then immediately top with the Tillamook Cheese and the last piece of Graham cracker.  Allow 1-2 minutes for Cheese and Chocolate to melt.

Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 350 degree F. On top of one half of Graham Cracker place the Chocolate and Bacon followed by Marshmallow and slice of Cheese. Top with last piece of Graham Cracker. Wrap in Aluminum foil and bake for 10-15 minutes or until both the Cheese and the Chocolate are melted.

Microwave: On top of one half of Graham Cracker place the Chocolate and Bacon followed by Marshmallow and slice of Cheese. Top with last piece of Graham Cracker. Microwave for 30 second or until both the Marshmallow and Chocolate are melted. (This method may result in Crackers losing their crispiness but some people may actually like that)

Stove Top: (This method is ideal for those who wish to substitute the Bread for the Crackers and use the Marshmallow Fluff .Also, If you choose to use Marshmallows it might help to cut them in half or into fourths) Heat pan over Medium heat. While pan is heating, Butter one side of each piece of bread. (the butter side will be on the outside of the sandwich) Place one slice of bread, buttered side down into the hot pan. Quickly place Bacon, Chocolate and Marshmallow or Marshmallow spread, followed by the slice of Cheese. Top with the second piece of bread, Buttered side up. Grill 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown. 
This is what I made tonight. They don't have the bacon or the chocolate, but I thought I'd show you them just so you get a general idea of what they looked like.


Now, I must say that I've never really tried this in it's entirety, just the crackers, marshmallow and cheese. But I really don't see how the Chocolate and Bacon could hurt in any way. Can you?
If you decided to make this let me know what you think. (but be kind)
I have a feeling that with my son's new found love of campfires (he is sooo my kid) and the over abundance of marshmallows in my pantry, I will have the opportunity to make this soon. So I will try to update when I do.
*As a side note, I realized also the potential of adding Cheese flavored potatoe chips in this recipe...just a thought for next time! :D