Sunday, November 10, 2013

Teddy Bear S'mores Brownie or is it Brownie S'mores?

Alright, kids. This is going to be kind of short and sweet. I've had so many ideas for blog posts just breezing through my head over the last few days. Some have been more rants than real posts, while others have been what we have here. This one made the cut only because I thought it was something that looked a bit unique, well, at least in my kitchen.
I have to start off by giving a big shout out to my husband. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be able to come up with as many weird ideas as I do. He's the one that listens to me rant and rave about all the things I want to blog about and then makes sure I've calmed down enough to be rational and therefore, not post them. But, he also helps me tweak some of my culinary ideas, so he is a big help on both fronts.
That said, he is the one that helped me hash out this latest and greatest idea.... S'mores Brownies with Teddy Grahams.
It all started this morning when, just before he left for a meeting at church, he informed me, "Oh hey, so I need to bring a dessert for the youth thing tonight." Since he is in charge of the young men in our congregation, I figured I'd let him pick the dessert. His immediate choice was brownies. Now, that's not really a problem, but, considering that the other young men were also asked to make, and bring, their favorite yummy, the chances that there would be, at the very least, another 5 or 6 pans of plain old brownies was very likely. So that's when we came up with a plan. I can't remember who said what, but it went something like this:
"What if we added marshmallow to it? Do we still have that marshmallow fluff?"
"Oh and graham crackers? Yeah! Yeah! OOH! I have those Teddy Graham knock-offs in the pantry that may, or may not, still be good. Should we try that?"
"Sure! And if not, do we have an open pack of graham crackers?"
"Yes we do!"

And so the Teddy Graham S'mores Brownies were born.
Now, I'm sure that there are many, many other S'mores brownies out there and there may even be one with Teddy Grahams. Honestly, I have even tried to Google it. But I just feel that we're cool for thinking it up.
Also, it wasn't until after they were made, and all but consumed by hungry teenagers, that I even thought about the possibility of this being something unique...if only unique to me.
So here they are!
Just try to image the pan full of cute, perfectly aligned bears, like a bear army lining up to be eaten!
And this is all I used.
 - 1 Box of Brownie mix (any)
 - 1 Container of Marshmallow fluff
 - 1 Bag of Teddy bear cookies (Real Teddy Grahams would look even cuter, especially since they are smaller. Plus, feel free to try out the different flavors like, chocolate, or those new strawberry ones.)
The "low-fat" brownies were more of a "this is just what I grabbed" as opposed to any real conscious choice for healthiness. I mean, come on, it has marshmallow fluff, so there really is no reason to not just have normal, full fat, option. 
-Make brownie mix according to the directions on the back of the box.
-Once the brownies have finished cooking, and while the pan is still hot, plop large dollops of Fluff, evenly, (about 5- 6 dollops)on top of the hot brownies. Now, this may cause the flaky layer of brownie to stick to it. That's okay. Just take your finger and push the fluff off the spoon.
- After you dolloped all of the Fluff, NO NOT TRY TO SPREAD IT! Stick it back into the hot oven for another few minutes. This will melt the fluff and cause it to almost spread itself.
- Remove brownies from oven (again) and then, very carefully spread the melted fluff. It's ok if the flaky top pulls up a little bit, just be gentle and spread it back over. (Another option is to try to take the brownies out of the pan and flip them over, then dollop, but that wasn't going to happen with my time frame)
-Once the Fluff is evenly spread, place a layer of Graham cookies/ crackers on top of the fluff. You can lay them in rows to help designate portion size (so everyone gets one bear per brownie piece) or you can stick them in so they are standing up.
-Let cool. Yeah, you can eat them right away (as all good brownies should be) but we found that if you let them cool off and give the marshmallow a chance to return to its,less liquified, state, it makes it easier to cut and serve. But, it's up to you. Do as you must!

All in all though, it was really simple but I feel that it pushed the pan of plain old brownies to a higher level of awesomeness. Don't you?