Saturday, October 15, 2011

And it seems like it's been such a long long time...maybe because it has?

So, I realized the other day that while I go on probably a bazillion blogs a day I haven't really updated or visited mine for a while. So I checked it and looked at the date from the last post....oops.  So I guess I've been slacking for a little while (over a year) bad people, my bad.

Maybe it's been so long because I've been busy with my family? No, that's not it.
Maybe I just haven't had things to document and wave around for the whole internet (all 10 of my followers) to see...nope, I've had plenty to (complain) post about.
Maybe I've just been completely lazy and staring at Facebook waaaaaay too much? Ok, that could be it but I really don't want to go there....let's move on.

Alright, I'm thinking I want to change the current status quo and post more often. I'm thinking I want to turn this into a blog where I can share what I'm doing and since all I really seem to do beside hang out with my kids and fight the good fight at the store, is read and cook. I thought I could maybe give you all a little heads up on what I just read and or discovered for my tummy and what I thought of it (because that sounds like a fresh idea, right? What? You say there are all sorts of review blogs? Well guess what Rainy Day, now there's one more! ;). I will also most likely post other random stuff as well, but who knows. That might take more effort than I'm will to put in.

Anyway, if I really want incentive to continue with this, I'm going to need more than 10 followers. So now that my computer has refreshed from it's blue screen of death (thank you auto save) I am off to facebook to beg.

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