Monday, October 17, 2011

"hush, hush"

So, this will be my first "official" book review. I've left comments on other sites about my opinion of books but never on my own site. So let's hope this works.

The Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick currently consists of three books. "hush, hush", "Crescendo", and "Silence." There is a fourth expected around this time next year :(

I wanted to talk about each book individually. But I realized that most of the initial allure is in the first so I think I will just focus on that one. And I will try to do it in a way that doesn't give too much away. (I hate it when reviews basically tell you exactly what happens, including the ending in not so many words and then says "Now, go read it."
Great! Now I don't have to...thanks a lot!  :/ )

So, here's what it's about....

Besides the fact that her father was murdered a year earlier, Nora is your typical high school teenager with simple goals. Study hard and get good grades so she can get a scholarship to a decent college and hang out with her best friend Vee. She has her life pretty well planned out and on track...that is until her biology teacher abruptly changes the class seating arrangement, so she is now forced to partner up with the new transfer kid named Patch. From the start he is dodgy and will not answer her questions yet he seems to already know a lot (too much) about her.
It's also at this time that she is starting to have very lucid hallucinations about being attacked by a masked man and has the feeling that she is being followed. Could it be Patch behind the mask? He is mysterious and elusive about his past. But is he the one stalking her? And if so, why? And, wait, did he just speak to her with his mind? Everything about him screams "danger" but there is something about him that is almost irresistible. And despite the fact that people warn her to stay away from him she has to find out the truth. The more she finds out the weirder things become. And the more she must question everything and everyone in her life.....

Ok, so, I have a rule that if I'm reading a book and I have to put it down for some reason or another and then I have the choice to either do something else or pick it up again and starting reading. If I choice to do something else then it's not really a good book and it didn't hook me enough. But if I'm constantly itching to read more and get it finished as fast as possible, no matter what...then that's a good book! (I hope that made sense)
Anyway I finished the series in a week....I liked it...a lot.

The story keeps you guessing.(Que the dramatic music) Who is the masked man (or woman)? Is Nora just going crazy? Who can she really trust? Is Patch just messing with her or does he seriously mean what he says? And why won't he be honest with her about his past? Is he really as dangerous as everyone keeps saying he is?

One might ask: Is there any romance or is it all just shadows and mystery?
To me, it has enough romance to make your tummy tingle but not where you would need to go to confession. (so to speak) In fact, just the description of Patches abs is enough to kept me going for a while. (hey, I'm a girl...sue me) :) And despite the fact that the library copy I borrowed has a sticker with a boy indicating with an "O" face that it's a horror book, to me, it had more romance and mystery than "boo scary".

If I had to point out anything negative it would have to be Nora's friend Vee. She is a bit too impulse and if Nora wasn't there to keep her in check would most likely be in juvie...although I do like her way of dieting. I take that back. It's not so much Vee that is the problem, it's that Nora is very inconsistent and overly stubborn. She really doesn't know what she wants and when she does, she usually talks herself out of it. This happens a LOT in the second book, but that's a whole other post...

All in all I'd give this book 4 out of 5 starts....

There, so what do you think? "Now, go read it!" (hehehe)

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