Friday, May 18, 2012

Night of the Purple Moon - Give Away!!

Did someone say Giveaway!  Why yes, yes I did.
Last week I reviewed "Night of the Purple Moon" by Scott Cramer. You can read it (HERE)
Well, after that Scott has been gracious enough to offer 10 E-copies of his book. That's right 10 whole copies!!! to 10 lucky people! How awesome is that?! (very)
So Let's help yourself out by scoring some great reading material and let's help Scott out by making that material his awesome book. Which by the way made one of the top 100 lists on Amazon.

The only stipulation is that if you win one of these copies we ask that you read it (it's not a brick) and then pop on over to and write a quick review. It doesn't have to be much. "I loved it!" "It was okay." "eh" "I wish it was called rainbow moon because rainbows are pretty!" (okay, maybe not that)...but what ever you want to say. If you want to get this for you teen to read I'm sure getting a review from an actual young person would be appreciated as well.

And so to increase the chances that we all get a little somethin' somethin'. I'm going to make the entries kind of easy.

Here are the ways to get entries:

1. Follow Scott on twitter. @cramer_scott (then tell me)

2. Follow my blog (shameless promotion for me, I know) And post a comment telling me you did and how you like me, Um I mean, my blog.
(If you are already one of the original twelve followers then let me know too)

3.Share this post with a friend (facebook, twitter, email, how ever)...because sharing is caring....then tell me how much you cared.

And that's it! Just make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry.Otherwise if you put it all in one comment it will only be counted as one entry.....okay? Got it? Good.
I will leave this open for two weeks, so until Friday June 1st. If you see this on June're out of luck! Also there will be an interview with Scott posted sometime within those two weeks.
But back to the give away.......Now...Ready...Set... GO!



  1. HI Sue! Here's my comment, maybe I'll win ;)

    1. WOOO HOOOO!!! I think your chances are looking good. ;)

  2. I shared also. :) but I'm afraid I'm not a twitterer

  3. I think Dylan would LOVE this book!! (:
    -Shannon Grogan