Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh That's so Un-Christlike!

Alright so this isn't going to be like my other posts. This one is going to have some serious over tones. With a touch of mad rant. Just bare with me and I'll try to get back to normal for the next one.......

So the other week I was driving with a good friend of mine. It was a long drive so we were pretty much just blathering on about random things. We talked about everything from our kids to how complex men are etc. About an hour into the drive  I told her about how my mother (whom she's never met) was concerned about my brother in law (also whom she's never met) putting off finishing something that was almost done and very very important and so she's been kind of nagging him to get it completed.
My friend's response was not the casual. "Wow, I can't believe he would wait so long.." Instead she sounded almost angry and indignant about how horrible and "Un-Christ like" my mother was for being so hard on him.
Um...wait, What!?
Her reaction was so confusing and hurtful that it made me angry. I decide that was a good time to look out the window and try to stop myself from crying.(that's what happens when I get too upset) While doing so though I tried to defend my mom. My friend seemed to back pedal a bit and calmed down. But the comment still stuck with me even though we moved on to better topics like the tattoos we wanted when we were twelve.
But it's not the first time I've heard it used in that trivial a matter. And it seems to be growing in popularity as some sort of knee jerk/go to reaction to things people deem "not kind enough".

Hmmmm......Let's break it down shall we?....

It has a few forms but I've been hearing it more and more from my friends and family and their friends.
"What do you mean we have to start on time and be rushed? That is so un-Christlike!"
"You told someone my secret who is in no way connected to me. That's so un-Christian and un-Christlike.

Give me a break!

 I wonder if those who use phrases like this in their everyday life are aware of just how Puritanical and Self Righteous they sound? Not to mention plain Judgmental! (was that judgmental of me to call them judgmental?)
It's like these people have no other way of saying "Your response was not as nice or as understanding as I feel it should have been." Or "This upsets me and I don't like it." Or even "Hey, that's kind of mean." They feel they have to go straight for the "guilt". This is a very powerful trump card. And to use it as a reprimand is not only insulting but  is even worse because, really, they are then responding in a way that is by itself, not Christlike. Because I doubt Christ is watching our conversations and saying "Boy,(or Girl) I wish you would step in and tell them that I wouldn't do that." :(

In my opinion (because this is my blog and it's all my opinion), calling another Christian's actions Un-Christ like is like a slap in the face, Especially when no malice was intended.(I'm sure non-Christians wouldn't care so much.) Because, for Christians, what's a better way to make us feel guilty than to tell us that we are not behaving in the way our Lord and Savior would like? And in essence making us feel that we are a horrible person for doing or saying what we did.

The thing though, is that more and more people are using it for the most benign things.  Someone I know posted their opinion (on their own wall) about how sad it was that the media was giving so much attention to a celebrity death (who had a history of drug abuse) when there are soldiers dying everyday. The first person agreed with him. The second ripped him a new one for not being sympathetic enough to the celebrity, "such Christian attitudes.." was their first line. And they didn't stop there. Oh no, they went on and on....
Now, if the person who posted started calling the celebrity nasty names and called for violence against anyone who so ever dared posted a condolence post. Then I would consider that to be on the extreme side.Go ahead and make them see the error of their ways.... But not for just sharing their opinion about the hypocrisy about someone who seemed to waste their life compared to someone who died in the service of their country.

Do you see the difference people?

Can you see where this is could get annoying and out of hand?

I mean really, Christ's name is already used so much in inappropriate ways. Why must we use it as a form of reprimand or insult and hurt even more people?

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