Sunday, November 6, 2011

I had a dream...about a sandwich

Ok so,  Last night I had the most infuriating, horrifying dream.
But first I need to give you a little back story.... I love Arby's fast food restaurant. Growing up we didn't have one very close by. In fact my friend Laura and I would make special trips to the Harrisburg East mall, over 20 miles away (for teenagers, that was far) just so we could have the yummy cheesy roast beefy goodness...yeah, we shopped too, but really I went there for Arby's. For me, if I had to choose between the food of any other fast food joint and Arby's? I would choose Arby's every time. They just need to have a play place for the kids and I would never leave.
Now, I realize some of you might think that it's gross and the worse place ever...well, then that's your loss...hand over the curly fries and walk away..... mmmmmmm

Alright, so back to my dream. It wasn't very long but when I woke up, I was not happy.....

I had just gotten back from Arby's. Apparently I didn't get anything for myself but I did get my kids a Ham and Cheese melt. My daughter doesn't really like to eat sandwiches in their pure form so she opens them up and then takes a bite or two and then usually just leaves it. And by "leaves it" throws it somewhere. This time she threw one part of the bun on the chair and the other part with the meat and cheese on the counter. The half on the counter just so happened to skid across and just barely touch the (clean) outside edge of the container we use to put compost in.
Me, being me, and not wanting to waste any of this yummy goodness picked up the half on the chair and went to collect the other half. But just be for I could reach it. Ryan comes in and picks up the half on the counter, looks at it and then, to my horror, throws it inside the very slimy compost bin...making it completely inedible. 
"Hey! I was going to eat that!" I exclaim.
"Oh, I thought it was dirty. I didn't think you'd want it." he shrugged.
This coming from the man who will eat the moldy parts off of cheese because he hates to waste it.
"Uggg!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!" I yell back
"Uh, sorry." and then he just walks out of the kitchen.

And Scene...

So, needless to say, when I woke up, I was ticked! He had his arm draped over me, so I gave him a shove. I was so mad! I didn't want him to even touch me!
Ug, How could he have thrown that away?! What was he thinking? He knows how much I love Arby's sandwiches. Granted, it wasn't a Roast Beef sandwich, but it was still on the top of my yummy list.
It took a couple minutes for me to calm myself down and only then did I realize that it was just a dream...a very very bad bad dream.

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  1. I love it. Dan has had dreams where I do something ridiculously wrong, and when he wakes up I can practically feel his scowl. Not good. Glad it was just a dream though!