Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chocolate is good

I just hosted my first Chocolate party. It surprisingly went really well. More people showed up than I expected (mostly because I don't think some knew what RSVP meant, but that's a whole other post) I had about 8 confirmed and then at the last minute three asked if they could still come and then 3 more showed up. Luckily there was enough for everyone, so I'm not complaining.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the cupcakes and the chocolate cinnamon covered almonds along with the fondue. The sugar free stuff was really good too. I know, I was surprised. I should have taken some pictures.

It was nice, people came (that's the shocking part), talked, looked at catalogs, sampled some stuff and then either ordered something that looked good and or left feeling very full of yummy goodness. All in all, I call it a success!

Now the only question I have is, Should I be a Chocolatier? Could I sell this stuff? I mean, it kinda sells itself. But I could I go to peoples houses and present? I'm still thinking about that. If I did, I could combine it with some massage. I could answer questions while giving 5 minute chair massages. I'd charge a $5 admission just for the massage part. But that could work, right?

Either way, Chocolate is gooood.


  1. What's the price point of the chocolate? Is it as good as Hershey's?

  2. So, I'm officially jealous I don't live near you. I so would have been all over that chocolate party. And I do think you could do it! You've got natural charisma to help you sell anything!

  3. AWW thanks Kimmel,I wish you lived near me too. But we'll just have to settle for visits. I'm working on Ryan, it could happen...someday.
    Jen, I hate to say it,(I might get struck down for thinking this) but umm yeah, it kinda is better in some areas...if you doubt me, get a Dove dark bar and a Hershey's Special dark bar and taste the difference... Either way, Chocolate = Yummy, I don't care where it comes from...ok, that's not true, I do care but I'm not that picky if it's put in front of me. :D